Lets Roll History


Let’s Roll Community Interest Company was founded by Amanda Henry and is the predecessor of a two year community roller skating project which began back in 2011 in Langthorne Park E11, London Borough Waltham Forest.

Amanda and her three children frequently roller skate in the local park, this came about after having discovered that there were no services or facilities for non-aggressive roller skating locally. Langthorne Park provided a safe space with suitable smooth ground surface, which is ideal for roller skating. Over a short period the presence of roller skating in the park gave many other children in the area an alternative sport to become skilful and keep fit at the same time. Before she knew it a small roller skating group had formed whom she taught to skate.

With extensive knowledge and experience of project management Amanda had a vision to revive roller skating in the community by organising a free roller disco for all ages to enjoy. Amanda who at the time was a member of Friends of Langthorne park voluntary group supported her ambitious plans.

Roller Disco E11 August 2011 – 3 day event

After much trials and tribulations the event was organised by Amanda. Having raised the funds through sponsorship proposals, donations and her excellent people skills the event was a great success attracting over 1500 people of all ages, ethnicities, and was a true reflection oF community spirit.


An overwhelming response was received from the community, with people from  all over the borough in attendance. Amanda was encourage to organise the event again, this time a four day event which gained the support from new and already established sponsors. Also having conducted feedback from the 2011 event Amanda ensured that she implemented suggested improvements to encourage community inclusion.

Roller Disco E11 August 2012 – 4 day event

Amanda now a BRSF Level 2 Roller Skating coach,  really had to utilise all her skills to make this event happen, she needed to fuse together her contacts and her determination to not let the community down motivated her to keep going.

The event partnered with local services, businesses and local organisations to support community cohesion and  inclusion to provide a versatile range services, such as food stalls, bouncy castles and other outlets welcomed to be part main event.


The Birth of Let’s Roll Community Interest Company

Amanda wanted to ensure she could continue to provide roller skating events to the community – not just on an annual basis! Amanda wanted to broaden the scope of her dreams and aspirations to make a positive social impact in the community via roller skating services.

Hence the formation of Let’s Roll Community Interest Company, “A social enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners”Business, Innovation and Skills, (2009), which will allow for the good work already established to be continued on a much bigger scale.

Let’s Roll is managed by 5 directors, who are responsible for various business areas, Click to meet the team