Let’s Roll’s Mission Statement

Let’s Roll aims to create a hub where skaters young and old can interact, access skate related training and provide opportunities to improve health and wellness via our events and workshops.

We also aim to promote other community news and events via letsrollcic.org.uk, so come on LETS ROLL!

Its a young vibrant company concentrating work in deprived areas to bring services to places and to people who may never had accessed the sport otherwise.

Let’s Roll is unique because we provide skating related services that will have a positive impact on nationwide issues such as: increasing the participation of girls in sport, obesity, gang prevention and reducing the numbers who fall in the NEET category.

Lets Roll’s team is dynamic sharing a wealth of understanding about the issues children, youth and adults face in today’s society. There’s no greater feeling than giving back to the community

We intend to be an inspiring, sustainable social enterprise by establishing long-term partnerships  with local businesses and organisation to ensure we achieve a lasting positive social impact for the betterment of the lives and places Lets Roll provides service to.

Let’s Roll aims to:

  • To fulfil a demand for roller skating services and events in the LBWF and other boroughs by bringing the service to communities
  • To improve the general fitness of the community
  • To enhance lives of the community by  improving jobs prospects via training and volunteer opportunities
  • To  bring the skating community together by providing a ‘virtual hub’ which brings skaters of all ages, all over London to become one community