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E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Candy Dance

There’s not a year that goes by without the “Candy dance”. Young or old, we all just love it!!!

E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Just Rollin’

Everybody’s just warming up – enjoying the beats that’s keeping them moving.

E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Speed Skate

The rink gets cleared and all those who can skate fast backwards or forwards, show their skills. Its time for the roller coaster!!!

E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Wobble Dance

This dance is one that the girls like, an american dance which we like to wobble ‘n’ Roller!!!

E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Crazy Legs

Some of our experienced skaters demonstrate ‘Crazy Legs’. The dance move that every skater wants to master – let’s go crazy!!!

E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Mini Rollers

Mini rollers have their chance to speed skate, change skating direction and have fun!!!

E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Keeping it Rollin’

Skaters just enjoying the sunshine, skating, interacting with sac over – just keeping things rollin!!!

E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Roller Boogie – Part 1

Sunshine beaming, music playing and skaters are rolling to the beats!!!

E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Roller Boogie – Part 2

Skaters, Roller bladers, young and old have fun in the sun.  It was a great event to learn how to skate.

E11 Roller Disco 2012 – Roller Boogie – Part 3

The skate marshall tries to test the the skaters with a few skating tasks this included skating backwards, jumping and skating on one leg.  Good Fun!