Learn To Roller Skate 6 Week Course

Starting June 11th 2016, register now!

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Starting June 11th 2016

The following details for the Learn to Skate course will be confirmed in the next few weeks

Location: Leyton Youth Centre, Leyton E10 6RJ

Day: Saturdays - 11th, 17th, 25th June, & 9th, 16th, 23rd July (Please take note of week dates)

Duration: Six weeks

Session 1:  16:30 - 17:30

  • We are family friendly, ages 4 to adults are welcome
  • Skating equipment will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own
  • ÂŁ50 for the full 6 week course
  • Exercise and fun guaranteed

If you have any further questions phone


Learn to Roller Skate - Skate Smart Course 

For all those beginner skaters who want to grasp the basics of skating and most importantly to learn to skate safely.  Our coaches will provide a welcoming and professional environment for you to build your knowledge, skills and confidence in your journey to becoming a skate smart skater.

Our Accreditations 

BRSF Qualified Coaches

Full Liability Insurance

CRB Checked Staff

What to expect

The program consists of four grades:

  • G1

    Grade 1

    Basic Starting Positions

  • G2

    Grade 2

    Basic Turning and Stopping

  • G3

    Grade 3

    Basic Skate Control

  • G4

    Grade 4

    Basic Manoeuvrability

At each grade there are 6-7 activities which need to be mastered before you are assessed and given the grade certificate. The grading system is designed to motivate learning, to prove achievement and to encourage skaters to complete the full program.

Learning will be fun, with individual, team work, games and other activities used to aid learning.


Is the Let’s Roll coach a qualified roller skating coach? +

Yes, our head coach is a fully qualified Level 2 Roller skating Coach, who is also a level 3 qualified assessor. So you really are in professional hands when using Let’s Roll service.

Do I get a certificate if I progress in my skating? +

Yes, let’s Roll teaches a 4 stage graded “Skate Smart” – program. All the learn to skate sessions are taught for all individuals to achieve passing the relevant grade.

Can I join the skate classes with my children? +

Yes, our classes are mixed aged groups and mixed genders. Let’s Roll CIC skates sessions are very inclusive and encourages intergenerational learning at very opportunity.

Do I need to have my own skates? +

No, as part of our service we provide the skates needed for your skate session. We have a range of sizes from sizes 8 Junior to 12 adults.

What type of roller skates do Let’s Roll provide? +

We provide “Quad” skates, which are roller skates that have two wheels at the back and front of the skate boot. Currently we do not provide inline skates.

Can I wear my own skates to Let’s Roll skate sessions? +

Yes, of course Let’s Roll staff always encourage participants to bring their own skates or purchase their own for personal use?

Can I buy skates from Let’s Roll CIC? +

Yes, we sell two types of quads to our participants at a discount rate.  Adjustable - £45  Set size skates - £60

How can my child become a “Mini Roller”? +

Once young people under 16 pass the “Skate Smart” program, they can the Let’s Roll under 16 volunteer program which encourages them to help support other young people to develop their skating skills and help to pass the skate smart program too.

 Customer Feedback

We loved this course and Eddie really enjoyed learning to skate in a structured and fun way. We hope you will be able to run courses for the next level soon!

Feb 2016 class

Great coaching from welcoming and friendly staff. Looking forward to taking my kids to the next sessions.

Feb 2016 class

It was a wonderful experience for my kids. They loved and looked forward to going every week. They told everyone about it including their friends and teachers. They staff was amazingly patient helpful and friendly.

Feb 2016 class

My son really enjoyed the course. he now is skating. The method Amanda uses to teach is so great, it has motivated me to want yo learn . Let's roll is a great community company.

Feb 2016 class

 Our Happy Graduates





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