Meet the Team

Let’s Roll is managed by 5 Directors who all share a passion to make a positive impact in the community and to fulfil Lets Roll’s Mission: by contributing their knowledge and skills to ensure the company performs ethically and productively.

Amanda Henry - Lets Roll

Amanda Henry – Chair of Directors: Amanda holds an MSc in Project Management and she uses these skills to connect and inspire communities through innovate and creative projects. Specialising in fundraising, community engagement and partnering, Amanda will draw upon all skills to continue the work already started over the past 2 years, with long term outputs that will be key to Let’s Roll sustainability.


Donavon Rowe - Lets Roll

Donavon Rowe – Director of Accounts and Investment. Dealing with all aspects of accumulating and the distribution of finances, also researching relevant investment opportunities to benefit the social goal of the company. Donavon’s experience and knowledge within the sector will ensure Let’s Roll is transparent with finances, maintain company accounts and ensure funds are effectively used.

Kelly Thomas – Director of Child Protection and Welfare.  Kelly brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to ensure all participants of Let’s Roll projects are safe. Responsible for all policies and procedures within the scope of her role, she will ensure the company is up to date with legislation to make sure best practice is achieved at all times. Monitoring and evaluating procedures are key to the role.


Sabina Patel – Director of Administration and Communication. Sabina is key to the operation and function of the company. Sabina’s excellent organisational skills, customer service, and interpersonal attributes, are supported by her extensive experience and knowledge at senior level. Sabina will ensure Let’s Roll communicates, responds and demonstrates its goals in a professional manner.

Anthony Henry - Lets Roll


Anthony Henry – Director of Marketing & e-Commerce. Anthony manages all aspects of Marketing – physical and online, e-commerce, website management, social networking and general project management. His knowledge will ensure the company has a high profile within all business areas and to convey a consistent professional standard throughout the company.